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It's all about TYPO3

Two days together with brilliant speakers

T3Contribution Bootup Day

2016 September 16

For the very first time, a T3Contribution Bootup Day will be held in Italy. Three representatives of the TYPO3 Core Team headed by the Product Owner Mathias Schreiber, will come to Italy. An incredible opportunity to meet the ones that every day enhance and maintain TYPO3 CMS.

Program - DAY 1

9,00 : Registration

Welcome and keynote speech. Working sessions in collaboration with  Mathias SchreiberAnja Leichsenring and Oliver Hader.

13,00 : Lunch

14,00 : Afternoon workshops 

18,00 : Closing of all sessions

Coffee break during the day.

Detailed contents will be defined upon registrants skills and wishes. We will soon publish a questionnaire to gather information from people who would like to attend about their background and desires. If you like to have more information please send us an e-mail.


A T3Contribution Bootup Day is a mix of workshop and one to one sessions to learn about TYPO3 Core and how to contribute to it and to the TYPO3 ecosystem

Three representatives of the TYPO3 Core Team headed by the Product Owner Mathias Schreiber, will come to Italy. An incredible opportunity to meet the ones that every day enhance and maintain TYPO3 CMS:

  • Mathias Schreiber, the TYPO3 Product Owner
  • Anja Leichsenring, the TYPO3 Core Code Sprints Coordinator
  • Oliver Hader, TYPO3 Research & Development Coordinator

They will introduce the participants to the TYPO3 Core code architecture and will drive them through the procedure and collaboration tools used by TYPO3 contributors both as developers and integrators: reporting bugs, asking for features, participating in their development, writing documentation, translating and so on.


Open Source => Those who contribute, steer where it's going.

  • Contributing developers and integrators are more efficient
  • Contributing developers and integrators have a bigger scope of skills and can offer more 
  • Contributing is also networking and this way you get faster insight and support
  • Contributing motivates developers, integrators and strengthens their relationship to the product
  • If you contribute your feature or code, it will be used, improved and distributed - if its only on your system, nothing happens
  • Contributing means influencing


Participants get an overview of how TYPO3 Core code is structured, learn how to dock into the TYPO3 Community and contribute efficiently.
Topics will be adapted to the need of participants but the basic scheme is as follows:

  • TYPO3 Architecture: the most important parts of the code and how it is structured
  • TYPO3 Universe:,,,,
  • Put your own extensions into TER and connect it to your GIT Repository
  • Use and/or to publish and maintain your Extensions.
  • Improve Extensions on github and send pull requests.
  • Use your local development environment with
  • Test core patches, improvements and newest fixes
  • Write your own core patches and improvements - put them into the process

Target Audience:

Everybody that want's to understand how TYPO3 and its community works in order to contribute something and wants to improve the according skills

  • Developers that use,extends and develop extensions, invoking core functionalities.
  • Integrators: bug reporting documentation, translation or other support for the community

What you need:

  • In time, motivated, laptop, knowledge of TYPO3 as a developer or integrator and possibly basics-skills for the area you want to contribute to:

    • in Example: if you want to contribute to an Extensions, you should already know how to develop or improve extensions
    • if you want to write documentations or do translations you should know the language and tool you want to write documentation for


This format has been inspired and a little modified from the TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Days created in Switzerland by Cabag and reproduced by Richard  Heaser (MaxServ) in the Netherlands. We would like to thank them for sharing information with us that helped in organizing this event.

TYPO3 Italian Conference

2016 September 17

Goodbye T3Camp Italia, Welcome T3CON Italia! After 4 editions the format has changed. A brand new program filled with interesting topics and a mix of Italian and foreign speakers will give the first TYPO3 Italian Conference an international allure.

Program: DAY 2

 08,30 :  Registration

 8.50 : * Welcome speech * - Rino Razzi

Welcome and keynote speech, short introduction to the conference. Thanks to the Sponsor. Opening Session.

 09,00 : * What can TYPO3 do for you? What can you do for TYPO3? * - Olivier Dobberkau

This presentation elaborates on how your relationship with TYPO3 can be improved and can evolve. Being part of the TYPO3 community means to receive a lot of hidden perks that are unlocked with trust, contribution and attrition.

(English talk)

9.45 :  * The Future of TYPO3 * -  Mathias Schreiber

The talk will illustrate both how the TYPO3 Inc. will help TYPO3 clients and agencies alike as well as showcasing the current developments in the TYPO3 core in the upcoming TYPO3 8 LTS.

(English talk)

10.30 : Coffee break

11.00 : * Web Application Security in TYPO3 * - Oliver Hader

Basic hacker's approach to hijack a web application, how to prevent that and the specialities of TYPO3 in that regard.

(English talk)

11.45 : * Refactoring of legacy code with a unit test safety net * - Anja Leichsenring

Show case / live demo how to secure legacy code with unit tests and refactor it for future proof development.

(English talk)

12,30 : * Accessibility in TYPO3 8 after the T3UX16 * - Abramo Tesoro

The T3 Accessibility Workgroup was created during the last TYPO3 User Experience Week  in order to improve the backend with respect to web accessibility issues. With TYPO3 8 we will see significant progress in this regard, including the integration in the CORE of a hints mechanism for content editors. TYPO3 8 can become the first CMS powered by tools to create accessible contents directly integrated into the CORE.

(Italian talk)


13.00 : Lunch

14.00 : * FluidTYPO3 Content Elements * - Maurizio Morini 

How to use the FluidTYPO3 framework to quickly resolve web design problems.

(Italian talk)

15.00 : * TYPO3 Themes - Inspiring People to share designs * - Cristian Buja

L'estrema libertà di scelta che ha sempre caratterizzato lo sviluppo di siti web con TYPO3 ha reso questo CMS unico nel suo genere, ma nello scenario attuale è diventato indispensabile adottare degli standard. Themes propone una soluzione maturata nei suoi 3 anni di sviluppo.

(Italian talk)

16.00 : Coffee break

Ore 16,30 : * Optimizing TYPO3 performance *  - Mauro Lorenzutti

The discovery of techniques and methodologies to optimize the performance of both server side and client side of a TYPO3 site.

(Italian talk)

17.30 : Q&R and Closing session

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